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In the Backyard

We are so grateful for this little secluded corner of the world that we now call home. After years and years of living in apartments high above ground, we finally have our own patch of green grass, our own little garden to tend. There are bees, and birds, and the neighbours’ cat who visits occasionally. […]

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Stop and Blow the Bubbles

The last couple of months have been busy – we are preparing to move into our first home. As the big day is getting closer, and the trips to Bunnings become more and more frequent; and my head and my phone are full of endless to-do lists, I notice how much less present I am. […]

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Happy in the Now

Gentle light playing with the spiral of hair on top of his head. Water splashed all over the kitchen during his bath. Wrinkly toes. His clumsy “hugs” and sloppy “kisses”, so very full of joy. Amazed expression when he looks at his reflection in the mirror. The shadows his long eyelashes create on his cheeks. […]

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