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Celebrating the Light

“At sunset Nature is painting for us… day after day… pictures of infinite beauty”  John Ruskin Once you move your clock one hour forward you suddenly have that beautiful, longed for, extra light in your day. And it gets better and better. It means that almost every night I can wave the sun goodbye, and watch […]

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It Takes Time to See

“In a way nobody sees a flower really, it is so small, we haven’t the time – and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time” – Georgiea O’Keeffe I got an email this morning, a regular subscription email from an extraordinary woman – Susannah Conway.  There was a beautiful gift inside – the […]

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Enjoy Now

‘Forever is composed of nows” – Emily Dickinson My phone is always with me, quite often runs out of battery, and I have issues with storage after having this phone for a few months only. Yes, I take too many photos. When we were driving around New Zealand, I had two DSLR cameras with me, […]

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