Baby’s First Trip

Just over two weeks ago we flew down to Melbourne, on our first trip as a family of three. It was a perfect little getaway as we combined celebrating my birthday with shooting a wedding (stay tuned for the wedding blog post – it was such an emotional, heart-warming event!). I learned a few lessons about travelling with one-year-olds, so we are now ready to venture out a little bit further. Except for the major drama that he was not allowed to open and close window shutters during takeoff and landing, and the fact that I need to book all morning flights next time, Daniel did amazingly well.  He enjoyed the sights and the crowds, napped in the stroller (which was a total surprise to us as our baby and his naps are not the best of friends), ate at a table like a proper person, learned a couple of new tricks, and got some funky new items of clothing (as it turns out, after you have a baby, even if you have an afternoon all to yourself to spend at Bourke St Mall, you still only buy things for the baby).

Here are a few snaps from that lovely, busy, beautiful weekend:

IMG_1560IMG_1588IMG_1594IMG_1604IMG_1634 (2)IMG_1642 (2)IMG_1650IMG_1658 (2)IMG_1723IMG_1728 (2)IMG_1773IMG_1786IMG_1798 (2)IMG_1853IMG_1879 (2)IMG_1881IMG_1899IMG_1903IMG_1927 (2)IMG_1930IMG_1937 (2)IMG_1954IMG_1970IMG_1980IMG_1983 (2)

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Our Summer

Early mornings. Sand, everywhere.  The mix of salt and sunscreen on our skin, the smell of frangipani. Light dancing amongst the waves, and heavy dew drops rolling down the blades of grass, illuminated by the rising sun. Sand castles, shells and pebbles. Sticky, hot air, mozzies, and all shades of green.

And the pure joy in my baby’s eyes.

This is our summer.


The Glorious Everyday

In the whirlwind of our days filled with exploring, learning, playing, crawling, trying to get everywhere, battling the naps (that is a very time-consuming activity I should say) I hardly have any time left to spend in front of my computer screen. I take pictures though, every day.

The rain is hammering our roof, and the naptime battle is over. I finally have a few quiet minutes to sit down, have my coffee, and look at those pictures. And as I go through them, one by one, the glory of our days is unfolding in front of me.

And I am so grateful for having documented so many of those seemingly mundane, but oh so precious moments.


Belinda - January 28, 2015 - 11:17 am

Oh Anastasia, he is simply one of the most beautiful little boys I’ve ever seen. Those eyes and that smile! He must get away with murder 😉 😉 😉 It’s so wonderful that you are enjoying those little ‘everyday’ moments. They go so fast and yet they are the most important things to treasure xoxo

Anastasia - January 28, 2015 - 1:38 pm

Belinda, thank you so much! Your lovely words always make my day so much brighter! And yes, Daniel can get away with a lot of things… Just one look at that face, and all mischief is forgotten :)

The First Year

My boy, you have just turned ONE, and what a year it’s been for all three of us. An unforgettable year for sure, despite the almost constant tiredness and sleep deprivation (you still don’t sleep through, and it’s ok). Some of the memories are getting a bit fuzzy but that’s why I have the camera, and I am so very grateful for this ability to capture the fleeting moments, and your amazing growth. And boy, you’ve grown. Teddy looks rather shrunk by month 12!

central coast baby photogra

The Early Birds

He wakes up early. Really early. Normally before the sun makes its appearance from behind the horizon line. Some days I cannot really function until a couple of hours later, so I just sit there with my tea and watch him play happily with his toys (somehow he is more interested in his toys first thing in the morning). But some days I feel awake enough to load him into the pram straight after breakfast and to go for a long, lovely walk in the neighbourhood. It is my favourite kind of light at that time of the day, so I make sure I grab my camera on the way out, and off we go, to enjoy the coastal views (me) and the empty playground (him), and chasing an occasional duck (him again).

And when I look at these photos, I see that being the early birds is so worth it.

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