Excitement Beyond Belief

Ok where to start, where to start, where to start… I feel like a kid on Christmas morning! Reason? Justin and Mary are coming Down Under!

Deep breath. Now from the very beginning.

For a few years now every single weekday morning I start my computer, open the browser, hit Favourites and click  ‘Visit Daily’ folder.

There are a few links to wedding photography blogs in that folder. My every single morning is brighter because of the amazing photographers who share their knowledge, their art, their love for all things photography.  Justin and Mary are one of them.

It is so hard to put in words how thankful I am for all the things I have learned from their blog. About everything – how to love and cherish every single moment of your life, how to take amazing photos, how to go out of your way for your clients, how to be there for your loved ones, how to write, how to live your dreams. Inspiration spills from the screen and hits my heart when I read Mary’s words. Every.Single.Post.

On 4th of December 2011 my alarm went off at 3 am in the morning. I am a no stranger to early starts due to my 6am yoga classes and pre-dawn trips to the beach with my camera and tripod, but 3 am was early even for me! I made myself a giant cup of coffee, turned my two (yes, two, to make sure I have the best connection) laptops on and went to Justin and Mary’s website. For their Live Chat. I would not miss it for the world, the opportunity to learn even more  from one the most generous teams I know.

I took many pages of notes. I drank plenty of coffee. I felt immensely grateful for the mind-blowing technology and possibilities we have these days – the sun is rising, I sit here, in Sydney, at 5am, in my pj’s in my living room and watch and interact with people on the other side of the world and absorb the priceless knowledge they so open-heartedly share with all of us, and it is still yesterday where they are!!!

And then Justin starts talking about their plans for 2012. And then he says the word  ‘Australia’. And then I start jumping around the living room, almost like Celia Foote from “The Help”, spilling coke (in my case – coffee) around the place. Honestly I couldn’t believe it, it was like the moment I realized I could actually go to a concert and watch my favourite rock-star LIVE!!!

Here we are, 13 weeks later, I open the blog and I see – “Announcing… Walk through AUSTRALIA!!”

Why I want to attend? Because I love you guys. Because I am forever grateful for who you are and how you give back. Because I am in awe of your photographic vision. Because I want to dream big (and I do).

I will be at my computer tomorrow morning at 9 am waiting for the registration to open. In the last year I have felt like my dreams were coming true non-stop. I want to thank you, in person, for helping me to get closer to where I want to be.